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The focus of our next project is Education. The objective is to assist communities in the
DMV area with their educational needs. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, school
systems are at a loss and distant learning is the new normalcy. We originally envisioned
this project as a means to assist teens in underserved communities by providing
supplemental instruction on classes that were not traditionally taught or to which a
cursory glance was given in their everyday curriculum. We conducted a survey and met
with local leaders and identified lacking areas and decided to offer the following 
: Financial Literacy
: Leadership and Critical Thinking 
: Coding 101,
: College Preparation
: Graphic Design
: Public Speaking
: Business Principles and Foundations/How To Start a Business

Each workshop will be offered via an online learning platform. WHEN THIS PROJECT
IS FULLY FUNDED, we will offer these workshops to local schools in underserved
communities FREE OF CHARGE for students who wish to participate.
Workshops will be Instructor led, in addition a Moderator from our partner, The Projexts,
will further support and drive student interaction, and work to ensure student success to include workshop completion.

As we strive to meet our financial goal to offer the workshops, weekly updates will be
provided on the blog section of this website. We offer this for donor and community
advocates to see EXACTLY where and how their Donations are being directed.
Our two goals are:
1. Aid local schools. We will achieve this by offering an opportunity to students free
of cost and create additional learning resources for students.
2. We are seeking to ENHANCE the mind sets of students, by teaching them life
skills they can carry with them and in turn become positive assets to their schools
and communities.
In order to create this Opportunity, the missing factor is YOU. If you determine this
project is in alignment with your views and wish to get involved, we encourage you to
donate to the project via our crowdfunding platform. If you are a corporation and wish to
fund the entire project or a portion, please contact us via email at Gary@theco-
opproject.org. We will send you a complete financial breakdown of the entire project.
Donations that exceed $200 are tax deductible and donors will receive an IRS donation

Thank You!