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UPDATE: We raised over $1800 by selling our Healthcare Hero shirts and from personal donations. With the money raised we were able do give $25 PERSONAL GIFT CARDS DIRECTLY to Healthcare workers form all over the U.S. The Cooperative Opportunity Project gave over 75 gift cards out in person and virtually. We wanted to give to every kind of healthcare workers such as Nurses, EMT'S, Dialysis Techs, Administration and Receptionist, Housekeeping and Dietary, and other hospital staff. The cards were given out in person in the NYC AREA from Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

Thank you to everyone that donated to this Project the Healthcare Workers deserved it.


Check our blog for more pics..




We created a project to give directly to HEALTHCARE WORKERS as a way to say thanks. We wanted to send a personal gift to say THANK YOU. While other donations from other places will go to the hospital which is needed. We wanted to give back directly to each employee directly as a way to say thank you. That means Doctors, Nurses, Dialysis staff, Housekeeping, Dietary ,Receptionist and other staff members.

We feel that each staff member plays a part in order to keep us safe during this crisis.


1: Donors donate $30 

2: After campaign is over the total amount raised will be use to purchase digital Visa gift cards to distribute.

3: Healthcare worker emails us with valid job ID

4: After verification we will email them a digital Visa gift card valued at $25

5: The card is valid at any online business.


Each card will be for $25 plus processing fees.

THATS IT. So help us say thank you to our healthcare workers for everything they have done by purchasing a gift card.

Thank you