PROJECT:  P.E.A.C.E. Marathon Project  2023

TYPE:  Education

LOCATION: Chicago 

DESCRIPTION:    We partnered with The Original Man Apparel Brand to sponsor a runner in the 2023 Chicago Marathon. The money we raised will go to an Elementary school in the South Side of Chicago. The school will use funds and in-kind donations to improve the quality of education and athletics.

BUDGET: $2008 Raised 

PROJECT:  Virtual After-School Program 2021- 2022-  Present 

TYPE:  Education 

LOCATION: Nationwide 

DESCRIPTION:    Our goal was to teach students the things I wished I learned at an early age. Kids in underserved communities need a head start. We created a virtual program that teaches kids the subjects they want to know. We offered courses like Financial Literacy, Coding, Stocks 101, Public Speaking, Graphic Designs, Entrepreneurship, College Prep, Leadership and Critical Thinking, and many more. We also hired instructors who were small business owners in the subject they were teaching. The best part of it is that we offered the program for FREE. In our first session, we had over 145 students from 13 different states. The second time, we had over 275 students from 19 other states and three countries. The first, we raised $ 5,000 from a virtual fundraiser; the second time, our Founder paid for it himself to see if he could expand it and improve the program. Both sessions were very successful. Since the program was so successful, we decided to add it to our annual rotation of programs. 

BUDGET: $ 5,000 was raised and the second time paid by our founder.

PROJECT:  T-shirt Summer Camp 2021

TYPE: Empowerment 

LOCATION: Fredericksburg, Maryland 

DESCRIPTION:    In the summer of 2021, I was approached by someone who wanted to do something for kids in the summer. Covid 19 was still finishing up, and Many kids were getting used to being back in public. I pitched an idea to have a social and therapy approach and teach the kids how to create and print their designs. The kids LOVED the camp. We met three days a week for six weeks. They all got a chance to perform team-building exercises. Each had to develop marketing concepts, and some kids overcame social anxieties. The creative process was very therapeutic for the kids that summer; they had the shirts to remind them of that summer.  

BUDGET: $5000 paid by foundation.

PROJECT:  Community Center Xmas Party 2020 - Present 

TYPE: Community 

LOCATION: Baltimore, MD, Alexandria, VA, Washington D.C. 

DESCRIPTION:    After COVID-19, we decided to do something for All the kids in the Community for the Holidays. We created a project to pick a community center in an underserved neighborhood and throw a Xmas party. Each year, we would like a different community center and give away Toys, Gift cards, and surprises to families within the community. In 2021, we also gave away a check for $ 1,000 to a young mother and her son who had to find a new place to live in Baltimore, MD, during the holidays. We have partnered with businesses such as Target, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Costco and The Baltimore Ravens. The party includes Free Food and Music for the local families. We are proud to say we made over 300 families have a better Xmas. 

BUDGET: $2000-$3000 

PROJECT:  Healthcare Heroes Project 2020

TYPE: Community 

LOCATION:  Nationwide

DESCRIPTION:  This was our first project as a registered 501c3. I applied for my nonprofit status in February 2020 and got my Approval letter in April 2020. This was in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the whole world was on lockdown, and the only people who could be out and working nonstop were the Healthcare workers across the country. As a healthcare worker, I saw how tired workers were and how people mostly donated food. I thought to myself, I know people would appreciate a gift card or something they can spend as they choose on themselves. I then designed A T-shirt that we sold online to help raise funding. We then took ALL OF THE PROCEEDS, bought physical and digital gift cards, and donated to healthcare workers nationwide. This was our first project, where we raised funds and an official 501c3. Everything before this was done using my money to give back to the community. 

BUDGET: $1800 Raised 

 PROJECT:  Domestic Abuse Bag Project  2019

TYPE: Community

LOCATION:  Maryland 

DESCRIPTION:  We wanted to do something for the women and children in Maryland who suffer from Domestic Abuse. After researching, we devised the idea to create a grab-and-go bag for women who have to leave their abusive environment at the drop of a dime. We supplied a t-shirt, sweat pants, socks, soap, a toothbrush kit, and deodorant in the bag. Each bag was colored and coordinated by size. We produced 125 bags. The bags were given to a local women's domestic abuse program for them to provide and stand by for victims.  

BUDGET:  Funded by our Founder, Family and Friends


 PROJECT:   Young Entrepreneur Project 2018 

TYPE:  Education 

LOCATION:  South East Washington D.C.

DESCRIPTION:  I had the idea for a summer camp different from regular summer camps. I wanted to teach kids the things I wished I had known at an earlier age. I googled how to write a curriculum and found a school in southeast D.C.  I met with the principal and pitched my idea, and he loved it. For six weeks, I had five students ages 13-17. I taught them financial literacy, credit, empowerment, career development, college applications, and business. I had daily speakers come and talk to them. We also went on field trips to black-owned businesses and an escape room to learn how to work as a team. At the end of the six weeks, they started their online t-shirt company selling shirts they designed. I would come back every month and give them their sales profits.   

BUDGET:  Funded by our Founder


PROJECT:  Family Xmas Project 2015-2020

TYPE:  Community 

LOCATION:  Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and New York

DESCRIPTION:  We sponsor 1-3 families for the holidays every year. We chose domestic abuse survivors, impoverished families, or students who excelled in their classes. We donated toys and TVS gift cards and helped over 100 families enjoy Christmas.

BUDGET:  Funded by our Founder, Family and Friends

PROJECT:  Black Friday clothing drive and Holiday Food drives  2015-2019

TYPE:  Community 

LOCATION:  Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD

DESCRIPTION:  Every year around Thanksgiving, we would give food to the DMV area homeless. We also had annual clothing drives for the homeless and the Veterans. We fed and clothed over 3,000 people in the years we ran this project.

BUDGET:  Funded by our Founder 


PROJECT:  Stand up Speak up Project  2014

TYPE: Empowerment

LOCATION:  Nationwide

DESCRIPTION:  We wanted to bring awareness to Police brutality after a young man was killed. We created an online campaign where young people nationwide spoke their minds about police brutality and were interviewed. This campaign received over 225 videos and was shared nationwide and in other countries.

BUDGET:  Funded by our Founder 

PROJECT:  Mentorship 2013- 2020

TYPE:  Community

LOCATION:  Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and New York

DESCRIPTION:  Over the years, I have participated in several Mentor programs and worked with different organizations before I started my own Non-Profit in 2020. The community has always been important to me. I taught an entrepreneurship class to kids in a group home in Baltimore, MD, for six weeks. I volunteered in an art program in Pg County, Md. I mentored High school and middle school students for the city of Bowie in Pg County. I also help with a mentoring program in NY.

BUDGET:  Founders Time





DESCRIPTION: The night before his wedding, a young man was killed in Queens, NY. I wanted to give back to his family DIRECTLY. I had a T-shirt and Tattoo shop in Queens, and I designed a shirt that we sold and gave the proceeds to his family. I contacted, and 50 Cent agreed to sell the shirts on their website. This became a nationwide campaign; we also sold shirts all over NYC and, with the help of celebrities, were able to bring awareness to his family's cause. All proceeds were given to his mother.

BUDGET: Funded by our Founder.