Introducing the Teen Activist Program - the perfect in-school program that empowers young minds to become advocates and activists within their community. With twice-monthly meetups, students will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to create positive change within their community. They'll be taught about local constitutions, legislation, and be encouraged to create campaigns that they're passionate about. Moreover, they'll have the unique opportunity to meet with their local delegates and visit the state building, where they'll learn the process of creating bills and budgets that affect their community.

In this program, students will also learn about conflict resolution and finding effective ways to get their voices heard on issues they feel strongly about, both within their school and their community. They'll even have the chance to partner up with a non-profit and implement a social impact project of their choosing.

By joining this valuable program, students will not only become more aware of the issues affecting their community but will also have the chance to make a significant impact locally. They'll gain the confidence to become visionary leaders in their community and inspire others for years to come. Don't miss this chance to plant the seed that will help young adults become passionate about making their community a better place. Enroll in the
Teen Activist Program today!
This in an in School and Virtual Project.
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