We understand that each community has a different need to be addressed. 

 We understand that every sector in the community can and should step up to do their part to help provide equal access and opportunity to those in need. We achieve this first meeting with leaders within that community. We follow our process to create a plan that will ensure equitable opportunity.  

Our formula to achieve this is the ADAPT SYSTEM.

A- Assess the need of an underserved community. 

D- Design a project that will directly IMPACT that community.

A- Align with small businesses and corporations to collaborate on projects.

P- Project Management ensures that each project is executed efficiently.

T- The completion of a successful project will achieve transformation. 

Positive change is both necessary and achievable.  The Cooperative Opportunity Project's primary goal is to ensure the ADAPT formula results in observable change – in both the individual mindset and the community.



Projects will be created to focus on these four categories.

EDUCATION: Access to Education is a critical component in creating an opportunity. In specific communities, the disparity in education is staggering. We understand that we cannot tackle and change the entire educational system. This is a primary factor in our creation of projects based on education. The end goal is to teach people a different way to create and understand opportunities.

Youth Empowerment: Our greatest asset in this country is our Youth. We have to reach them early to ensure their potential is realized. Times are changing – encouraging, uplifting, and cultivating the mindset of our future leaders.

Homelessness: Homelessness in this country is a pressing issue. The number of homeless teens and young adults is steadily increasing; we have to approach the situation differently. We have several projects to help decrease homelessness in certain areas with a new methodology and approach.

 Veteran Affairs: Our Veterans have served their country well and deserve essential opportunities and more in this country. One of the key concerns is that the Veterans Administration is understaffed and overworked. This leaves most Veterans without a proper understanding of their benefits or adequate representation. This underlying fact coupled with mental health issues contributes to our growing rate of homelessness and high suicidal speed with Veterans. Our focus is to address these situations by creating a different support system.

People Working Together To Create Opportunities + With Creative Projects
           The Cooperative Opportunity Project