The Cooperative Opportunity Project (The Co-Op Project) is an impactful nonprofit that aligns community needs with small businesses to create innovative projects in underserved areas of Education and Youth Empowerment.

 Depending on your zip code, the income level of the household you are born into, the color of your skin, or many other factors out of your control, one's chances at survival, much less succeeding in life, can vary drastically based on your background. However, one's success in life should not be left simply to a predetermined fate. 
 The Cooperative Opportunity Project firmly believes that unless we work towards leveling the playing field, this pattern will continue to negatively impact every aspect of daily life for those who lack the same opportunities or financial advantages as others.  The underlying cause: an increasing disparity in access and opportunity. We Do Not Discriminate and are open to all. 
Help create an Opportunity by partnering with us.