A school is not just a building in which classes are conducted; it is a representation of the students who study there. However, many schools in underserved communities lack essential resources and funding to enhance their appearance. This is where the Cooperative Opportunity Project comes in, with a mission to help beautify such schools and give their students a sense of pride.

Our approach to school rebranding is comprehensive and includes a range of measures. Firstly, we will hire local artists and collaborate with the school's art department to create stunning wall murals that will brighten up the school's property. We'll also team up with local businesses and corporations to allocate funds to pay for this project.

In addition, we will work with graphic designers from both colleges and the freelance community to come up with fresh school sports uniforms that will make students proud. We'll update mascots and jerseys, with the final designs subject to both student and staff approval.

We also know that teachers often have to bear the expenses of school supplies themselves, which can deplete their pockets. To address this, we would like to fundraise for teachers so that they can get supplies delivered to the school in the beginning of each year and mid-year on behalf of donations or sponsorships from other corporations.

By taking such measures, the Cooperative Opportunity Project is helping schools in underserved communities to rebrand and rejuvenate. The students can finally feel a sense of pride in their school and can look forward to a bright future.
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