For those who have always had a love for money, our courses on financial literacy and entrepreneurship will pave the way to a successful future. Our program teaches kids to budget, save, invest, and build their own small business – all invaluable skills for a young entrepreneur in the making.

For the artistically inclined, our graphic design and video animation courses will nurture their creative talent, allowing them to express their ideas through design and digital arts. Students will be learning from top-class instructors, who can guide them in creating stunning artistic pieces, giving them the opportunity to showcase their art portfolios and gain exposure.

Our coding and STEM courses are geared for tech enthusiasts. With coding becoming an increasingly valuable skill in the job market, our program teaches coding fundamentals necessary for a successful career in tech. Students learn coding languages and experiment with robotics and drones, preparing them for the challenges of the future.

Lastly, personal development is an essential component of our course, with leadership and mental health programs included in our curriculum. These courses provide eye-opening experiences that can shape a student's personal and career development. They learn about self-awareness, self-leadership, and how to maintain good mental health while navigating through life’s challenges.
No matter the student’s interest, our tailored course has something for everyone. This program ensures that young students would receive a holistic education necessary for them to stand out in the competitive world. Join us now in our mission to educate the future leaders of tomorrow!

Our program evaluates success based on four quantitative performance indicators: engagement, attendance, leadership assessment, and final project. We issue pre and post-program surveys to evaluate academic support needs, and each student participates in an entrance and exit interview to track progress.

Our Virtual After School Program is available at an affordable rate of $50 per month per student. Our fees include a Project Manager, Instructors Fee, Background Checks, E-books, Software, Certificates, Journals, and program material. 

Enroll your child today and give them the opportunity to thrive beyond what traditional schooling offers. Choose our Virtual After School Program for a fun, educational experience that provides life skills and critical thinking tools to help them succeed in the real world.